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How We Started

Our Story

"Better Treat, Better Life", this is the motto for us to keep improving our recipes better every single day, to help all breeds of dogs to sustain a healthy life with quality fresh-made and designated recipes. We are here to provide the finest recipe and guaranteed in keeping with AAFCO and NRC Guidelines for our beloved dogs.

We all grew up in a world with full of animals, and dogs are always the closest friends of us. We want to treat every of our dogs better from the day they born by providing new, fresh-made ingredients for them to grow, and have a longer life span. This idea was brought along when we were living in the states.

Dog owners are giving everything they have to their dogs to make them happier, and making them fresh home-cooked food everyday. We both love dogs and willing to give everything we have to them, that was how we started to suitable mix-and-match ingredients for our beloved dogs at the early time and develop this into a brand new trend in pet industry.